Anniversary presents

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Whether you celebrate one-year anniversary of relationship or thirty years since wedding, there should be a celebration. Sometimes it can be hard enough to celebrate even one year together and setting up a great present, that will surprise the other person. But it must be much harder to celebrate thirty years, because you probably have tried so many surprises that you think, there are no more left. We have few tips for great anniversary presents, that might surprise anyone.

Adrenaline surprise

If you feel like you have been conventional person over the past few years, try something really unexpected. Go for a bungee jumping, fast cars ride or flight in the air tunnel. You can even purchase a helicopter flight or piloting the small plane. Anything is possible nowadays and not for high price.


Sexual experience

You can visit a sex shop together and pick the toys you have never tried. We are sure your partner will love that idea. Especially if your bed moves, or habits are being the same for few years already. Great sexual and sensual experience can start with erotic massage Praha. In the capital of the Czech Republic you can find the experience you wish for. Not only that the city visit is romantic, you can experience that kind of massage you only read about in erotic books.


Secret visit of another country

Take your loved ones to the airport and don´t tell them where you are going. This will be super exciting thing to do for both of you. You don´t have to even plan too much. If there is only two of you, you will always find an accommodation, a table in restaurant, places where you go and all of it can happen ad hoc. That is the real adventure. Just make sure the country you pick is safe and you will know the language and the habits. We want a surprise but not too many dangerous surprises.